Every thing has gone up

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Every thing has gone up

As a new year begins, so does a new wave of increases.

Every industry has been affected due almost every aspect: Covid-19 policies, distribution disruption, material delays, labor shortage. All have been impacting on how fast products are available these days. 

Besides COVID variants affecting the globe, two factors have been delaying OEMs and factories. The first noticeable factor started when a ship was stuck in the Nile, blocking in a bottleneck matter for every other ship following it's path. The results are what we may be experiencing now with multiple ships near ports waiting for any open docks to unload.

This event may have possibly affected the second factor, low labor force. With increasing demands of labor, only a handful of dedicated workers are trying to catch up. 


All this to say with supply and demand, could have an affect on price increases starting this year. In some instances, a small price increase is inevitable, however, some manufactories are facing the same labor shortage and reevaluating their business to make some dire changes to keep them afloat that has them increasing their prices significantly. 

Many resellers and distributors are experiencing changes in management, policies, and communication. Lead times on products are becoming less accurate because of these conditions with a good guess at best. 

Without seeing any improvements of product availability, it becomes difficult for everyone to determine an exact date of supplies to be ready to ship out. And becoming even more complex as everyone scrambles for the most available alternative products. 


We as a company hope to see things normalize in this new year, 2022. Be prepared that prices may increase due to these conditions in front of everyone. 

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