Long Lead Time & Increased Prices

Long Lead Time & Increased Prices

Many industries involving tech and/or hardware are experiencing a tremendous delay of shipments as well as increased prices. Online retail and distributors are limited for demanded products in their inventory due to many factors. One factor in recent events, is the blocked canal from a cargo ship. 

Not only did that stop shipments of important materials, it also blocked other cargo ships on the same canal.

Again, this is only one of many factors but has impacted many manufacturers. As an example, many manufacturers in the automation industry that rely on processing chips for products with motherboards had a long lead time of up to 6 months.

Materials, on the other hand, has slightly inflated. Metal and Lumber, as examples, have increased prices all throughout the supply chain, including wood sold in stores for consumers. 


It's been a while since the blocked canal, so we're hoping that distribution and demands will level out again soon. As for prices, they are standardized, which is the nature of supply and demand. 

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