What are these combo kits?

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What are these combo kits?

What exactly are these combos kits you're selling?

The combo kits that you see on our website (combo kits) are an assortment of items we have put together to save time picking out the materials needed for one half the equation of a project. No more looking around the vast internet world...we did that for you!

Our team thought of this while receiving many messages if they needed anything else for their application. We would get questions from "Would this motor, VFD, some off-brand name all connect with such-and-such with my wall outlet?" to "What else would I need" -- although this was exaggerated, you can get the gist.

You can see most stores don't really display an all purpose batch for a project. Probably because customers may need different power output, or something that's DC instead of AC, or even to convert a phases (be sure to discuss with a certified electrician). With these combos, they all serve for most general purpose projects.

Who are the combo kits for?

Well believe it or not, anyone can use these for almost any applications (Air Cleaners, Amusement Rides, Blowers, Conveyors, Treadmills, HVAC, Machine Tools, Grinders, Saws, Elevators etc)

 Here are the top industries they cover:



Food and Beverage


Industrial Automation

Knife Grinding


Packaging Machinery


Why not get a head start? See our combo kits now.

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