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KB Electronics KBPB-225 DC Motor Control Relay Reversing Chassis 8901

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KB Electronics KBPB-225 DC motor control relay reversing chassis 8901 UPC: 024822089012 Adjustable Speed Control DC Drive. This Drive will not operate without a HORSEPOWER RESISTOR AND ARMATURE FUSE as stated in the drive manual found in the link below. Horsepower resistors, fuses, and other drive accessories are available for purchase separately. 


Product Manual

KBPB Adjustable Speed Control DC Drive 
The KBPB™ is a compact version of the KBCC™ “R”-suffix control. The APRM® is mounted directly to the rear of the KBMM™ speed control. A built-in Barrier Terminal Block and its small size make the control ideal for installation where space is at a premium. The KBPB™ is equipped with a built-in dynamic brake resistor, Accel/Decel trimpots and provision for AC line and armature fusing. This control provides functions identical to that of the KBCC™-R. A 5K ohm remote potentiometer is included. Patented. 
4.30" x 5.10" x 3.50" 
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