Tri-Tronics Fiber Optic Sensor, SE3RC, Mark lIl, Smarteye

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Tri-Tronics Fiber Optic Sensor, SE3RC, Mark lIl, Smarteye, w/ connector, made in U.S.A.
Product Specifications and manuals can be found here.
Model Specific

Adjustment Type:

  • Potentiometer

Connection Type:

  • Connector, 4-pin M12

Housing Type:

  • DIN Rail

Optical Block:

  • None.

LED Light Source

  • Red = 660nm
    Best choice for use with plastic fiberoptic light guides. Useful when sensing translucent objects in proximity (Beam Make) mode. Useful when sensing transparent objects in fiberoptic retroreflective (Beam Break) mode. Can be polarized for retroreflective (Beam Break) sensing to reduce proxing on shiny objects. Opposed fiberoptic light guides can be polarized for sensing some translucent plastic containers; consult factory for details. Used as red filter for color perception advantages.

Sensing Range:

  • Depends on Optical Block
Family Specific

Supply Voltage:

  • 12 to 24 VDC
  • Polarity Protected

Current Requirements:

  • 85mA (exclusive of load)

Output Transistors: 

  • (1) NPN and (1) PNP sensor output transistor
  • NPN Sink up to 150mA
  • PNP Source up to 150mA
  • Momentary short circuit protected
  • Outputs protected from pulsing during power up
  • Light/dark switch de4termines output status
    Light = Light "ON" operate
    Dark = Dark "ON" operate

Response Time

  • Minimum duration of input event
  • Light state response = 50 microseconds
  • Dark state response = 140 microseconds
  • Leading edge variation less than 20 microseconds


  • Less than 400 millivolts for maximum sensitivity and resolution

Light Immunity:

  • Responds to sensor’s pulse modulated light source
  • Immune to most ambient light

Ambient Temperature:

  • -40°C to 70°C (-40°F to158°F)


  • OUTPUT INDICATOR – RED LED illuminates when the output transistors are in the “ON” state as determined by the position of the Light/Dark switch
  • BEAM STATUS INDICATOR – RED LED illuminates when returned light level exceeds “5” on the CONTRAST INDICATOR
  • EDR® INDICATOR – Intensity of GREEN LED provides indication of where in the dynamic operating range the OFFSET/EDR® adjustment has been set
  • CONTRAST INDICATOR – Displays scaled reading of sensor’s response to contrasting light levels (light vs. dark) on a 10 bar LED display

OFFSET/EDR® Adjustment:

  • Sets initial level on CONTRAST INDICATOR in relation to mid-scale switch point of 5 – functions as sensitivity adjustment
  • Controls Enhanced Dynamic Range circuit (EDR®) which functions to avoid saturation

Rugged Construction:

  • Chemical resistant, high-impact polycarbonate housing
  • Waterproof, NEMA 4X, 6P and IP67 enclosure ratings
  • Epoxy encapsulated for mechanical strength

UL CertifiedCE Certified

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