COVID-19 Impacts - Shipping

Our business is still working with cautioun in order for our employees to continue to be contactless and careful as possible. We still follow the protocols of our local government and guidelines provided by the CDC.

From what we see, shipping seems to be at normal domestically. However, different policies are still delaying manufacturers and carriers for prompt shipments. 

Though we can inquiry for lead time and investigation, waiting on these procedures still affects some.


We will continue to move forward and work diligently in providing service and products for all industries.



As businesses continue to work around new ways to better provide products/services to everyone, we still run into issues that are sometimes beyond our scope. 

Our business will continue to update any issues to our customers.

The most impacted issue many are facing are the delivering time frame of customers' order. Internationally, our foreign customers might run into delays due to every countries transport policies for their borders. This is something we have no control over, and many carriers are also within the confines of the countries regarding the pandemic.


Please be aware before creating an order. Though we can give some lead time information to some of our products, we cannot guarantee that all orders will be delivered on time. We will still process and ship all orders, unless out of stock, before 3:00pm CT Monday thru Friday.



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