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DC Drive/Motor 1 HP 1800 RPM Combo Kit

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Complete 1hp 1800rpm DC motor and drive package. 
KB Electronics KBPC-240D DC motor control 9338, and Leeson 108022.00 General Purpose DC motor
. This package comes complete with motor, drive, forward-brake-reverse switch, and wiring kit. 

This motor/drive package is great for knife making, belt sanders, 2x72 grinders, drill presses, and much more!

Product Manual

KBPC-240D NEMA-4X Adjustable Speed DC Motor Control

The KBPC-240D is a 115/230vac, enclosed NEMA-4X (IP-65), adjustable speed DC Motor Speed & variable Torque control, rated 15 Amps RMS @ 45C. It is designed for environments where high humidity or watertight integrity is required. Its housing is ruggedly constructed of die cast aluminum, which is protected with an anti-corrosive acrylic coating. Motors will last longer with our exclusive Short Circuit and Timed Current Limit (TCL) circuitry that prevents motor burnout and demagnetization of PM motors. Selectable features are: motor voltage 90/180VDC, motor current range .25 to 10 amps, input signal 0-5/0-20VDC, armature/tachometer feedback, tachometer voltages 7,25,50 V/1000 rpm. Analog adjustments include: Min, Max, Accel, Decel, IR, CL, TCL & Jog. Standard features are: armature fusing, electronic start-stop and LED indicators for "Power On," "Stop" and "Overload". Options: Forward-Brake-Reverse switch, Signal Isolator, Run-Stop-Jog switch, Auto/Manual kit, FDA approved white case. Approvals: UL, CSA, CE.
5.90" x 9.50" x 5.00"

Leeson 108022 .00 general purpose ENERGY EFFICIENT AC Motor:

Wiring Kit
(x1) NEMA 5-15R/5266 AC male cord cap 
(13') 2 Wire + Ground 14 AWG SO Cable
(x2) Wire Nut (Yellow) 

(x3) Cable Gland/Strain Relief ½”   
(x3) Lock Nut ½”  
(x2) Ring Terminal