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As a new year begins, so does a new wave of increases.

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Many industries involving tech and/or hardware are experiencing a tremendous delay of shipments as well as increased prices. Online retail and distributors are limited for demanded products in their inventory due to many factors. One factor in recent events, is the blocked canal from a cargo ship.  Not only did that stop shipments of important materials, it also blocked other cargo ships on the same canal. Again, this is only one of many factors but has impacted many manufacturers. As an example, many manufacturers in the automation industry that rely on processing chips for products with motherboards had a long...

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Which style of flashlight is right for you?

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Introducing the new line   Olight i5T EOS Easy operated flashlight that lasts. Lightweight and tactfully designed to handle any environment.  Olight S1R Baton II Small and tough, this flashlight can easily fit in all kinds areas. Mountable on metal and tells you when to recharge with LED light on the button. Olight Perun Mini Mini 90° degree flashlight that helps luminate the darkest of those tight corners.   Find all of our Olight collection here: >> Olight <<    Follow us      

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What exactly are these combos kits you're selling? The combo kits that you see on our website (combo kits) are an assortment of items we have put together to save time picking out the materials needed for one half the equation of a project. No more looking around the vast internet world...we did that for you! Our team thought of this while receiving many messages if they needed anything else for their application. We would get questions from "Would this motor, VFD, some off-brand name all connect with such-and-such with my wall outlet?" to "What else would I need" -- although...

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