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KB Electronics KBMD-240D DC Motor Control 9370

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KB Electronics KBMD-240D DC motor control 9370 UPC: 024822093705. This Drive will not operate without a HORSEPOWER RESISTOR AND ARMATURE FUSE as stated in the drive manual found in the link below.  Horsepower resistors, fuses, heatsinks, and forward-brake-reverse switches are available for purchase separately.  

Product Manual


Requires: Resistor

Accessories: Armature FuseAuxiliary Heat Sink (9861)Forward-Brake-Reverse Switch (9860)

The Model KBMD-240D, also called Multi-Drive™, is a packaged SCR drive in a NEMA-1 enclosure. It utilizes the KBMM™ speed control for its electronics. The Multi-Drive™ is rugged and compact in size. It handles both 115 and 230VAC line inputs by setting the built-in Dual Voltage Switch. In addition, the single model can be used on a wide range of motor horsepower by inserting the appropriate Plug-in Horsepower Resistor®. The Auxiliary Heatsink (optional) increases the rating of the basic unit. An optional Forward-Brake-Reverse Switch Kit is also available.


5.10" x 7.20" x 4.10"

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